To meet the increased market demand for conversational AI and remote interviews, Tengai now launches automated two-way interactive digital video interviews. With the new release, recruiters around the world can sit back and relax, while candidates perform the interviews. Hiring managers can then access the unbiased interview data and its result.

During the Pandemic recruitment and hiring went virtual and the need for remote video-interviews exploded. But there has also been an increased discussion around bias appearing in video interviews. To meet both market needs Tengai AB now launches the Tengai Digital Interview on smartphones, as part of its unbiased interview product suite.

The new application is easy to access for candidates over their smartphone. It comes with a Self-Service-Portal as well as connection to the interview software Tengai Recruit™, the software behind the Tengai interview platform. Unlike pre-recorded video interviews, the Tengai Digital Interview gives the candidate a unique two-way interactive experience with conversational AI in real-time, while collecting behavioral data for objective evaluation. The framework in Tengai was previously validated by psychometric scientists during 2020 and is part of the overall unbiased methodology.

This also increases efficiency and quality and gives candidates a two-way interactive, fun, and engaging experience over their smartphone.

Since the automated interview robot, Tengai, saw the light in 2018, the interest and debate for unbiased interviews have been a welcome addition to diversity recruitment. The promise of fair blind interviews, without the hiring manager being affected by age, gender or race, is key to accomplish successful hiring today.

“With Tengai Digital Video Interview, we’re breaking new grounds for remote hiring, giving companies around the world the opportunity to increase their unbiased approach in remote interviewing. We help reduce time spent and increasing quality with the focus on diverse hiring while giving candidates a fun and interactive dialogue experience.” Says CEO Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

The Tengai Digital Video Interview comes in a variety of offerings to suit startups as well as growing companies and corporate powerhouses.

“The Tengai Digital Video Interview has been on the drawing table since the very beginning, but due to covid, we made a rapid change in priorities to go with the current market need. Today we are truly happy to announce that the Tengai Digital Interview is now ready for the market to help companies automate their interviews without losing either candidate experience or quality in the process,” says CPO Sinisa Strbac.

Tengai Digital Video Interview is released on March 9 and accessible in both English and Swedish. Go to for more information on how to get onboard.

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